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Basement Finishing Ideas For Beginners
When you talk about basement remodeling, most people will picture wet carpets, missing walls and floors, holes in the foundation, etc. The idea of a finished basement really doesn’t add a lot to the finished look of your home. A basement remodeling is more like turning a normal room into another room in the house. But when it comes to making a basement a home, you have to take into account a lot of factors such as accessibility, style and your budget. It’s a good thing that you can always buy new materials for basement remodeling such as solid wood boards or cedar shakes. These materials are cheap and will surely make any room look more luxurious and appealing.

Basements are usually dark and messy so you may want to give it a makeover with some finishing. You can apply finishing to basements using various methods. Finishing can either be wet or drywall depending on the finishing process you prefer. Wet finishing is done with water while drywall finishing uses oil or acrylic finishing compounds.

There are pros and cons of both wet and drywall basement finishing. Although it requires more time than other basement remodeling, wet finishing is more appealing and gives better results. But you have to make sure that you do it properly and the project will last longer. Drywall basements also require less work but it needs more skills and expertise from professional basement remodeling professionals.

A wet basement remodeling is cheaper but can take more time. If you are looking to have a professionally done basement finishing, you should use a basement remodeling service. Some services offer different finishing methods like painting, staining, and applying a vapor barrier. These are all applied to the wall surface so you would not see how the materials are applied but it gives better finish results.

Before starting the basement remodeling, ask yourself if you want a dry-finish or a wet-finish. A dry-finish basement remodeling may be easier because it involves less work. A wet-finish basement remodeling involves waterproofing the whole basement. You should also see to it that the plumbing and electric system is all in good condition before starting a basement remodeling project. This will help you avoid having problems with the finishing after the project is complete.

Basement finishing ideas for beginners include those that involve using basement remodeling products like molding, wallpapers, color schemes, tiles, flooring, lighting, and window decorations. Most home improvement shops stock all these products. Other items you can use to embellish your finished basements are things that can add architectural style to your finished basement. These items include cabinets, shelves, rugs, moldings, fences, and foyers.

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