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Take Care Of Your Yard With Landscape And Lawn Care Services

What is the difference between Landscaping and Lawn Care? Landscaping generally refers to keeping the physical condition, appearance and health of current lawns throughout the year. Any services that fall within the category of Landscaping are soil remediation, seed bed preparation, fertilizer, pest control, weed management, aeration, seed bed testing, watering and seeding. Lawn maintenance services on the other hand, provide maintenance services to maintain your lawn as if it were a living thing by removing weeds, fertilizing, or otherwise helping to make your lawn healthy and green. It also helps to keep your lawn looking neat, even if you have to apply chemicals to kill the grass each time you mow it. In fact, most lawn care services involve several components such as seeding (plants being spread over a bed), water management, fertilizer application, mulching (concentrating the applied fertilizer in the leaves and stems) and other necessary components.

A third aspect of Landscaping and lawn care services is associated with the aesthetic value that they add to the home and property. Various landscaping methods can be adopted to create visual appeal, such as planting shrubs, bushes and flowers to add color, texture and vibrancy to the landscape. Other elements that are often taken care of by Landscapers include edging (the creation of an outline that outlines a wall, building or piece of land so that it blends into its surroundings), mulching (using grass clippings and shredded paper to cover the soil in between shrubs, bushes, trees and other plants) and the use of decorative mulches. Landscapers can also do much to enhance the overall value of the property by installing decks, walkways, pools and water features.

Landscapers who offer Landscaping and lawn care services will also be able to assist homeowners with their attempts to maintain the health of their lawns and shrubbery. Aeration is one key element in keeping lawns and gardens looking healthy. It is the process of removing the top layers of soil in order to expose the newer, healthier layers beneath. Aeration should be done frequently and in the spring after the rainy season in order to ensure the best root development. Aerating also helps prevent the growth of weeds, which can be a major problem for homeowners who choose to grow their own grass.

When it comes to Landscaping and lawn care services, frequency is very important. If you are thinking about changing the appearance of your yard because you are tired of its current appearance, then planning ahead will help you make the changes you want. If you are planning to do all of the work yourself, you will need to learn how to properly prepare the soil and you will need to think about the fertilizers, mulches and aerators that you will use before applying them to your yard. These steps will ensure that your efforts to improve the look of your yard will be a success, not a total waste of time and money.

The final step in the process of Landscaping and lawn care services involves the issue of weed control. In order to keep your garden beautiful and healthy, weeds must be prevented from taking root and taking over your entire yard. Proper weed control is a tricky process, but with the help of an informative landscaper, it can be accomplished. One way to keep your garden free of unwanted weeds is to lay down a perimeter of black plastic on the soil beneath the flower beds and around the outcrops.

Landscaping and lawn care services companies usually include a few other services. They may offer edging, mulching, water control and seed selection. Curb appeal is a major factor in convincing homeowners to allow a landscaping and lawn care services company to take care of their yard. By making your property aesthetically appealing, you will increase its sale price and make it a much more attractive place to live. By providing necessary services, you will also increase your level of satisfaction with your property.

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